Tuğra Container Prefabrik was established with the aim of providing quality, fast and contemporary service to our valued customers. It is at your service with its accumulated experience and rising quality since 2017. Tuğra Container Prefabrik, which is among the leading companies in its sector, is involved in business life with highly experienced and qualified craftsmen who are experts in their field. In this way, it has made it a vision to provide quality and trust by adopting the customer-oriented working philosophy as its goal. Its primary goal is to provide fast, high quality and superior service to its customers by developing new systems by utilizing the developing technology in the Container and Prefabricated branch.

Its aim is to meet the demands of its customers in the products it manufactures, not only in this time but also in the long term. Tuğra Container Prefabrik works for various purposes with its wide customer portfolio. It makes low-cost production that is assertive in quality with its experienced personnel, who can manufacture to the desired extent according to the purpose of use, in line with the wishes and desires of the customers, without being bound by standard projects, with the necessary machinery equipment and experience.

With its wide product portfolio, the company will surely find suitable solutions for your needs. For more information, you can contact the company via the contact information. Tuğra Container Prefabrik has taken its place at the top of the sector with its quality production and affordable container sales. The goal of Tuğra Container Prefabrik is to be known as the point where trust, quality and reasonable price meet in the sector and to be permanent in this direction.


Worthy of you: honesty, integrity, customer satisfaction and institutionalization in the light of the quality management system we have established, is to constantly develop and renew. To design and produce protective and peaceful living environments. Over time, Tuğra Container Prefabricated grows with firm steps and makes a name for itself. As a company, we will be proud and happy to grow at the same time as our customers and to walk the same path.


It is to continuously improve our production processes in the shortest possible time and to develop our corporate goals in this direction. Prefabricated buildings, which we also call quality and durable ready-made houses, whose importance we understand better after the earthquake disaster, are built in a way that can meet all kinds of needs. Our structures are produced on the basis of 1st degree earthquake conditions and 3rd climate zone.